Reading Canada was created in anticipation of Canada’s upcoming Guest of Honour position at the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair. It offers only a sampling of the excellent English- and French-language titles being published right now in Canada, but this snapshot is enough to illustrate why Canadian readers are so proud of our own writers. Industry research shows that Canadians are nearly twice as likely to be interested in “reading Canadian” as we were five years ago. The vigorous pace of international rights sales and translations indicates we are not alone in this enthusiasm.

This site is organized into sections that reflect the close bond between writers and their readers. Great books affect us viscerally and influence the way we see the world and our place in it. They inspire, challenge, enlighten, explore, delight, and thrill, and they connect us to each other and to what matters. Such books make us feel and think more deeply, and they draw us not only into their pages but further into Canada and the world.

As you make your way through Reading Canada, you’ll see that exceptional books are published in every part of the country, in English and in French, and by publishers large and small. Every book profiled has received stunning reviews, and many have won national and international awards.